Shopfloor Management - Qualifying managers and optimizing production

The Shopfloor Management service from Ingenics is a key element in efforts to optimize production in terms of efficiency and quality. In addition to the usual tools of production organization, it also focuses on the behavior of managers at the site where value is created, thus ensuring the greatest possible success over the long term. Shopfloor management creates new opportunities for strategic leadership. 

Shopfloor management approach

Improve shopfloor processes using transparent real-time data

In many companies, production has mainly been run from the desk for a long time — managers are far removed from the Shopfloor. Yet it is precisely at the point of value creation where there is a need for management by people whose technical ability and leadership skills are what qualify for them a position of leadership and earn them recognition from colleagues.

However, not every good specialist in production is also suitable for administrative and management duties. The following key questions should therefore be asked in advance: Is someone a leader because of their technical skills or their leadership skills? What kind of presence does this person have on the Shopfloor? The answer to this is usually key to finding the right person.

The Ingenics recipe for success also applies to production

Furthermore, an excessively large span of control is often the reason why managers fail to reach their employees, to provide them with the best possible working environment, and to motivate them. These are a basic requirement according to the Ingenics recipe for success: success depends on motivated staff who are given opportunities.

In order to provide or improve these opportunities, the Ingenics Shopfloor Management service also deals with the organizational issues, of course: What organizational structures exist in production? What spans of control are there? Does each shift require a manager? What discussion committees and information media are there? Finally, optimization also includes the definition of key figures, visualizations, meeting areas, and discussion committees.

The most important tools at a glance

As a customer, the Ingenics Shopfloor Management service will benefit you with more effective organization in-house, and the entire team will pursue a common goal with the right key figures and parameters. This not only motivates employees but also strengthens your competitiveness and allows you a increase productivity for the long term. To this end, Ingenics mainly uses the following tools:

  • Analysis of organizational structures in production and leadership behavior
  • Development of the organization and leadership skills training
  • Definition and establishment of the right key figures for production
  • Establishment of a sustainable Shopfloor Management system


This much is certain: the Shopfloor Management tools offered by Ingenics create the perfect conditions for strategic team leadership in your company. With the development of leadership behavior, these tools can be used and applied correctly. This increases staff motivation and ensures the long-term success of your production.

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Dennis Schunigl

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Johannes Eff

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