Performance Management – Achieve the Goal with an Eye on Results

Global competition, with volatile sales and procurement markets, present new challenges for companies and put increasing pressure on results.

The legacy structures in production, supply chains, and administration no longer meet these requirements when it comes to performance, speed, and flexibility.

Focus structures and processes effectively and efficiently on company requirements

Only those who focus their structures and processes effectively and efficiently on these requirements are able to assert themselves successfully and lastingly in these challenging markets. With all the demands of daily operations, many companies find it difficult to identify existing fields of action and risks and implement targeted measures to protect their market position.

We provide you with comprehensive solutions with a clear focus on results. To this end, your success factors are presented on a timeline in clearly quantified parameters and are closely tracked during the implementation of the performance program.

Comprehensive solutions with a clear focus on results

  • Performance programs to increase competitiveness
  • Restructuring of production and administrative areas of business
  • Plant screening – benchmark comparison of one or more production plants
  • Optimization of the global footprint
  • Supply-chain risk management
  • Production-automation check
  • Process mining
  • Robotic process automation
Robert Heusgen

Robert Heusgen

Partner, General Manager
Phone: +1.864.350.9313

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