Project Management

Project Management

Even today’s complex challenges can be successfully mastered with modern project management methods. For example, the product structures of manufacturers can be developed with "high mix – low volume” concepts and as a result customer orders receive a project character. However, for systematic, efficient processing and controlling of these tasks based on time, costs and functionality – a reliable and transparent structure is essential. Here, to ensure long-term project success, we focus on its key factors: project goals, responsibilities and project communications with respect to the relevant processes and methods.  

With extensive experience from over 10,000 successful projects and in the widest range of industries, Ingenics is a proven partner for the implementation of professional Project Management programs, with efficient support for every project. And in every case, we offer practical solutions, tailored to your individual needs. 

An overview of Ingenics‘ key tools and services

Systematic Project Management analysis

With the aid of a systematic Project Management analysis, the level of maturity of your current Project Management is determined by you and Ingenics experts. This identifies your business’ potential in terms of project processes and methods, as well as project applications and the qualification of your employees. Based on this analysis, Ingenics develops concrete recommendations for your operational standards and employee training.

Establishment of a Project Management Office (PMO)

The PMO creates both a standardized approach for the implementation of projects and the preparation of a Project Management handbook for your business. In addition, the PMO serves as a center for coordinating multiple-project activities, for controlling project portfolios or programs and if needed, for the scheduling of key personnel. Also, to maintain predefined standards the PMO conducts project-related audits based on established project criteria. Here, Ingenics helps you to organize and establish an effective PMO in your business – including training and coaching concepts for your key employees.

Project Office (PO)

The PO is responsible for all project preparations including authorization procedures and the organization of project starts. Throughout the course of a project, the PO manages its ongoing operational activities based on established standards and leads the project to its final completion. The size of the PO is determined by the extent of a project description, and for small projects this may only involve a single project manager. When necessary, Ingenics can also provide you with experienced project managers and specially trained project assistants – if needed, from the initial project preparation through to the final project completion, as well as for selected individual project phases – but always tailored to your individual needs.


Individually suited to your needs and requirements, Ingenics offers you professional Project Management support – to reach your business goals faster. Within a few days, our systematic Project Management analysis provides you with an objective view of your current Project Management’s capabilities and initial recommendations for its future development.

Afterwards, Ingenics gladly supports you too – from the implementation of individual project processes to the adaptation or new development of practical project methods, as well as the establishment of organizational units for project approvals and operational control. Plus, Ingenics provides qualified project managers or assistants whenever needed to give added support to your existing management team. Here, our specialists can also be used selectively, either during the project start phase or during phases which are already in-progress.

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