N° 11 / 2024

Step Off The Wheel

Redefining value generation: Is the time-tested Lean model the pathway to the future? How can businesses achieve zero-emission goals? And how can digital transformation successfully engage employees?

Step Off The Wheel
Step Off The Wheel
Prof. Oliver Herkommer
Prof. Oliver Herkommer
Managing PartnerIngenics Consulting
Dear Readers,

Holistic transformation is essential for companies to secure their future viability and competitiveness. We're not just discussing a technological upgrade; rather, we're exploring the complex dynamics of various components crucial to an ongoing transformation process. Yesterday's business-as-usual mentality is outdated; it's time for a swift reassessment. Stepping off the wheel of traditional methods is imperative. We must reconsider how we generate value and eliminate the strategic barriers hindering our potential to lead in economic and manufacturing sectors once again.

In the current issue of Ingenics Magazine, we closely examine the realms of Lean, Green, and Digital initiatives. We've interviewed experts to understand how they tackle the challenges of continuous transformation and assess the importance of these areas to them. Is the time-tested Lean model the way forward? How can businesses achieve the goal of becoming zero-emission companies? And how can digital transformation be tailored to effectively engage employees?

I hope you find this issue to be an enjoyable read and, above all, one that provides you with valuable inspiration, encouraging lively exchanges with your colleagues, business partners, and with us as well. We look forward to your suggestions and feedback.

Our key themes in this issue

The Eleventh Hour
Page 06
“Looking at the big picture is essential”
Page 26
“Rolling out AI as a shared process”
Page 48

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