N° 07 / 2022

Sustainable Transformation

Topics in the magazine: Levers of sustainable transformation, learning organization, team and leadership, agility critically examined.

Sustainable Transformation
Sustainable Transformation
Andreas Hoberg
Andreas Hoberg
Managing PartnerIngenics Consulting
Dear Readers,

Sustainability means limiting our interventions in the natural environment to an extent that allows for regeneration and to not only reduce our resource consumption but to adopt a circular solutions mindset. There’s no doubt that sustainability requires quick departure from resource-intensive technologies, especially when environmentally compatible technologies have long become available on the market. Sustainability ultimately mean thinking and acting in terms of networked systems. Companies have come under increasing public pressure to make environmental, social, and economic contributions to society. Putting this topic on the agenda and discussing it over and over again has ceased to be an adequate course of action. Instead, we need an awareness that sustainability is a collective responsibility and requires us to finally act on it.

Sustainable transformation requires courage and foresight. Above all, though, sustainability has to be imagined and implemented in holistic terms. It pervades all areas of an organization and has to be omnipresent in all decisions. For this issue of Ingenics Magazine, we talked to companies that have already embarked on this journey and shared with us how sustainable transformation can be achieved. Plus, we asked experts why subjects such as Leadership, Agility, and New Work play a pivotal role in this context as well.

I hope you’ll find this issue to be an informative read, to provide you with valuable inspiration, and to inspire lively exchanges with your colleagues, business partners, and with us as well. We look forward to receiving your feedback.

Our key themes in this issue

“The CEO Has to Be at the Wheel”
Page 20
Curiosity-Based Transformation
Page 32
New Work Is More than a Change of Scenery
Page 38

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