N° 05 / 2021

Orchestrating Transformation

Topics in this issue: digitalization and e-mobility—meeting new demands

Orchestrating Transformation
Orchestrating Transformation
Dear Readers,

The consulting industry is changing. In addition to their internal processes, consulting firms also need to adapt their services to changing market conditions. The focus is now increasingly on new technological solutions and organizational changes. In the wake of this, clients’ expectations have also changed. They want consultants to deliver fast results, definitive answers, and comprehensive solutions.

Strategic expertise, process and organizational know-how, and IT consulting are more in demand than ever. We, too, have reflected on our consulting services and considered how we can effectively marry these areas of expertise to the benefit of our clients. In this context, our approach is that of the “digital architect.” The digital architect combines process and digitalization expertise with extensive skills in the fields of production, logistics, supply chain, and administrative processes. They ultimately orchestrate, to use a metaphor from the world of music, how a company connects strategies, processes, people, and technologies.

For this reason, “Orchestrating Transformation” is not only the title of the current issue of Ingenics Magazine, but also the challenge facing most companies. And this is precisely the challenge we want to meet. With two of today’s key drivers of transformation in mind, namely digitalization and e-mobility, we asked experts from the business world how they are dealing with these challenges. In this issue, you’ll discover why transformationrequires a culture of change, why leading from a distance is not a one-way street, and the challenges facing an entire industry due to the advent of e-mobility. Ingenics Magazine always aims to offer new ideas and insights into current affairs. Our goal is to build on your positive feedback from previous issues as well as inspire you to reflect, reconsider your currently held views, and think more deeply about these topics. With this in mind, I hope you find this issue informative, that it gives you some valuable ideas, and also sparks interesting discussions with your coworkers. As always, we look forward to hearing from you at any time.

Our key themes in this issue

“Culture Is the Foundation of Everything”
Page 12
“If You Have Data, You Have Access to Resources”
Page 24
E-Mobility: The Supply Chain Challenge of the Century
Page 36

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