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Lean is Queen & Digital is King

Lean is currently experiencing a veritable renaissance. And this should come as no surprise.

Lean is Queen & Digital is King
Lean is Queen & Digital is King
Andreas Hoberg
Andreas Hoberg
Managing PartnerIngenics Consulting
Dear Readers,

Lean is both a philosophy and a recipe for commercial success. These days, subjecting the status quo to critical scrutiny plays a more fundamental role than ever before. We have been gradually streamlining processes for many years, meaning that large parts of our production capabilities can be operated efficiently without the need for extensive IT support networks. But digitalization is now increasingly taking hold within production systems. A contradiction? Not in the slightest. Lean and digitalization are inextricably linked, as processes can only be digitalized if they have first been put under the microscope. This is the only way to harness the full potential of digitalization. No digitalization without lean. That’s why lean is queen. And digital is king.

But let’s not forget the most important point in this regard: we need to show courage. The courage to consider processes and interfaces from a whole new perspective and the courage to break new ground and bid farewell to old ways of thinking. This may sound trite, but it isn’t. Redefining the existing logic behind value creation and production requires joint solutions. And in order to reach consensus, there has to be an exchange of views. This is where the Ingenics Magazine comes in, so get ready for new ideas that offer food for thought and spark inspiration.

I hope you enjoy reading the magazine and sharing your ideas with colleagues, business partners, and with us.

Sincerely yours,
Andreas Hoberg

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