Space industry

Achieving cost efficiency in the space industry

Due to the special application conditions involved, products and services in the space industry are subject to the highest standards encountered in the industrial sector. At the same time, space missions are subject to ever-increasing investor scrutiny and more and more are expected to justify their purpose and the costs incurred.

For the companies involved this means taking a far closer look at the entire value-added chain from their own perspective – from product development all the way to manufacturing and quality assurance – including new business models.

Approaches which are already established in the aviation or automotive industry are finding their way into the space industry as well. Relevant topics are:

  • Optimizing development and design processes in terms of target costing (design-to-cost approach)
  • Effecting a comprehensive increase in efficiency under key words such as factory planning, production optimization, and comprehensive quality management
  • Optimizing output and quality by applying operational excellence management and optimized process management, as well as securing sustainable improvement (CIP)
  • Utilization of already existing data to achieve integrated process structures
  • And in general the utilization of the opportunities of digital transformation by individual companies

The requirement already placed on established suppliers – to offer attractive prices and sustainable products while maintaining consistent quality – is gaining in importance as this sector moves towards commercialization, private suppliers, and the accompanying shift in supply structures.

Ingenics successfully supports its customers in the space industry both at the strategy and and planning level and the operative process and organization level, thus promoting excellence in implementation.

Samuel Schwarzer

Samuel Schwarzer

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