The e-mobility transformation: take action to shape the future with Ingenics

Some social changes are so comprehensive and pervasive that you cannot avoid them. By the same token, you need a considerable amount of expertise and experience to adapt your company, structures, processes, and corporate strategy, gearing these to the future in order to achieve sustainable success. Electric mobility represents a change of this scale. Around the world, Ingenics advises and supports companies seeking to take the right measures in areas such as factory construction and assembly. The consulting firm also ensures their best possible implementation.

Electric mobility from different directions

The e-mobility transformation is of such immense importance because this technology is being demanded, developed, and driven from multiple directions. For instance, politics plays an important role by establishing statutory targets and frameworks that will cause the production of electric vehicles to increase at a growing rate over the next few years due to quotas and other regulations. To a certain extent, political decision-making is accelerating the development of an e-mobility society.

Another driving force behind electric mobility is the unstoppable growth of megacities. Urbanization is constantly increasing around the globe, leading to the formation of more and more metropolitan areas with a population of at least 10 million – with no upper limit. While growth is organic in these regions, it is continuous and very rapid. Megacities can only survive if they are truly environmentally friendly, meaning that energy consumption, pollutant emissions, and the overall infrastructure are sustainable and allow people to live there comfortably.

From an economic perspective, and with regard to competitive markets, new players in particular are driving the expansion of e-mobility. This impact can already be seen when new competitors launch their technologies on the market, demonstrating leaps in innovation or adapting solutions more quickly than established companies.

E-mobility is being driven from a number of directions, but everything is heading in one direction only: towards the future.

Ingenics – e-mobility expertise in width and depth

As a long-time partner to the automotive industry with a deep understanding of e-mobility and the upheaval this brings, we are the first point of contact when it comes to preparing your company for the future. The effects of e-mobility on automotive production range from new production structures and quality requirements to more flexible processes, greater product variance, modular construction methods, the acquisition of new professional skills, and adapted service concepts.

To master such comprehensive changes, companies need the right expertise and experience. It is not only a question of simply implementing new technologies, but identifying what levers are already in place and can be exploited in the short term to deliver sustainable results in the long term and that are efficient for companies in line with their strategic goals. We work with our clients on equal terms, discussing individual changes within the company and suggesting how these can be managed. Our holistic approach does not stem from a passive approach whose priority is to defend a company’s hard-won status in the future. On the contrary, we enable our clients to respond to change in a proactive and sustainable way, to overcome future challenges, and to make efficient use of their own potential value creation.

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