Business Intelligence: From Data to Insights

The right information in the right place at the right time. Nothing is more critical to business success than a high level of responsiveness and sound decision-making. Only those who have access to the most up-to-date information from their company at all times can respond to changes quickly and organize processes to be more cost-effective.

As a highly skilled partner, we offer you all of the related services from a single source. We support your business intelligence project from the development of a suitable data strategy to the finished dashboard solution or application. In the process, we combine our 40 years of process expertise with our lean approach as well as our powerful software development capabilities. This leads to fast, lasting results.

We support and guide you from start to finish in digitizing your processes and increasing your transparency.

Business Intelligence Solutions at a Glance

Standard Reporting

Regular project or business unit reporting often entails a considerable amount of manual time and effort. This is a good reason to automate these non-value-creating activities.

With BI tools and RPA solutions, we help you to connect your relevant data, process it in a transparent manner, and establish automated reporting processes. We work with you to develop your own unique system of key performance indicators and the graphical presentation of your reports. To achieve this, we integrate all of the relevant data sources into your reporting system.

Your benefits:

  • Simple integration of existing data sources
  • Automatic generation of reports specific to individual areas of your company
  • Interactive dashboards with user-specific visualization
  • A significant reduction in manual work


Production Cockpit 4.0

The Production Cockpit 4.0 is the central management tool for electronic shop-floor management. By providing a holistic, KPI-based visualization of the production system, it helps managers respond faster, plan for the long term, and make better decisions.

Your benefits:

  • Greater transparency in production processes
  • Improved OEE due to the availability of detailed machine information and the ability to perform predictive analytics
  • Improved quality due to an enhanced ability to respond to deviations
  • A reduction in WIP due to improved availability, lead times, and planning capability
  • Optimized use of resources through preventive management and action

Logistics Cockpit 4.0

The interactive Logistics Cockpit 4.0 is more than just a visualization tool. It is an active management tool for your logistics processes and provides real-time transparency on resources used, inventories, and material movements.

Your benefits:

  • Greater transparency in logistics processes
  • Improved demand forecasting through analysis of historical data and comparison with current production planning
  • Intelligent inventory management with continuous analyses and optimized safety stock levels
  • Transparent flow of materials thanks to custom visualization, evaluation, and scenario simulation
  • Optimized use of resources due to improved availability, lead times, and planning capability

Supply Chain Cockpit

Nowadays, transparency in the supply chain is more important than ever. By identifying supply bottlenecks or disruptions at an early stage and thus mitigating the risk of a production stoppage, you create a critical foundation for your company’s success. The Ingenics Supply Chain Cockpit provides you with this complete transparency.

Your benefits:

  • Greater transparency in your supply chain through a digital image of the supply chain
  • Continuously monitor the performance of your suppliers in the Supplier Performance Monitor
  • Enhanced risk management through continuous risk classification and monitoring
  • Early warning system: With artificial intelligence and web crawlers, you can identify potential supply chain disruptions long before they occur

Logistics Network Optimization

The optimization of complex logistics networks depends on numerous variables and conditions. Some areas are impossible to optimize even with a great deal of manual effort. Our logistics network optimization software makes it possible to automatically plan, evaluate, and optimize transport costs for inbound and outbound networks, taking all of the network-relevant parameters and delivery alternatives into account.

Your benefits:

  • Transparent visualization of the logistics network and supply chains
  • Automatic demand forecasts
  • Optimal utilization of transport modes via built-in optimization algorithm
  • Identification of the ideal supply intervals to optimize inventories
  • Automatic generation of all supply alternatives and calculation of ideal supply parameters and costs


Cristian Alvarez

Cristian Alvarez

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