About Ingenics Academy

Ingenics Academy is your expert partner for advanced training. Taking a holistic approach, we offer you training and expertise to help you increase your competitiveness sustainably. High-level results are only possible when people and systems come together harmoniously.

The Ingenics Formula for Success

Based on the Ingenics formula for success, "Success = Potential x Motivation", training participants acquire both the technical expertise required to ensure maximum added value in their processes and the teamwork and leadership skills to motivate their colleagues. This is only way to bring systems to life and ensure that company goals can be achieved.

Focus on In-House Events

Ingenics Academy training is most successful when it is held where it is most relevant. Accordingly, we focus on individually designed in-house events which serve the specific needs of employees and the company and offer instant quick wins.

Designing Systems – Empowering People

Ingenics Academy training offers the following factors for success:

  • High practical relevance
  • Strong focus on implementation
  • Illustrative case studies/role plays
  • Qualified trainers with years of experience in consulting
  • Real and tangible success
Samuel Schwarzer

Samuel Schwarzer

Associate Partner
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